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Okay shopaholics! It would be a crime against app humanity to leave Amazon off any shopping review list. For me, I consider Amazon my personal genie in a mobile phone. With over 12 million items to choose from there is almost nothing that Amazon cannot magically make appear at my doorstep.

Summary of Amazon Shopping App

Amazon has come along way from its early days as an online book store. Today the e-commerce giant company sells everything from A to Z and operates in over 100 countries and regions around the world.images ready_html_d52d17ed022110bd

Features of Amazon Shopping App  

Using Amazon is a breeze. Simply type what you’re looking for its search bar and let the magic begin. Or better yet, let Alexa do the shopping for you! Just look for the speaker icon at the Search bar.

Whether a video game, a blender model, or a hardcover edition from a 50-year old book. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Search, Browse, View Product Details, Read Customer Reviews, and Buy millions of products. In just 1-3 days, an Amazon delivery truck is at your door.

The days of fearing the missed delivery are over! Amazon Shopping app has the most advanced real-time package tracking and delivery notification software in the market. Yesterday I ordered my favorite addiction– sunflower seeds through Amazon Prime, and today, a notification arrived on my phone telling my package was just delivered. Outside at my doorstep was the signature brown box that is Amazon. A lazy man’s dream!

Amazon absolutely spoils their customers.

  1. AMAZON 360

Amazon wants to give you a user experience as if you were in a store viewing an item in real-time. A new feature to Amazon shopping is 360-degree spin views of products. View all sides of your potential purchase. Amazon AR View lets you preview home decor items in your home virtually using augmented reality.

  • OS: iPhone 6S and newer, running iOS 11.0 and newer
  • Android: Must have the AR Core app installed. AR Core is only supported on Android 7.0 and newer.
  • Simply open the Amazon app, go to the search bar and click on the camera icon and scroll to “View in Your Room.”


With Amazon app you can reverse search a product based on images. This comes in handy when you see a picture of your favorite celebrity wearing an outfit that you must own. Amazon app can help! Go to the Search Bar. Hit the “scan icon” and either upload your photos or scan an image or barcode. Amazon Lens will find similar outfits, and sometimes you will get an exact match!

  1. Amazon’s Shopping Reviews are a must when trying new products. Here you will find thousands upon thousands of honest reviews to aid you in your shopping decisions. It is the difference between getting a good product and a great product.
  2. Amazon is Santa’s LITTLE ELF. Buying last minute Christmas or birthday gifts on this app will simplify your entire holiday season! Find your item, type in the address of your recipient and hit send! In a few days your loved one has their iconic brown box. Leave the heavy lifting to the e-commerce giant!
  3. FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime
  4. Easy no hassle returns, and I mean no hassle! You literally can take the loose item to be returned, no packaging whatsoever and drop it to your friendly neighborhood Kohls or UPS, and they will take it from there! How cool is that!
  5. BUY AGAIN feature. This is a favorite button for repeat orders. Amazon makes it easy as pie. All of your Frequently Bought Items are stored in one place with user-friendly images of each item for easier identification, and a “Buy Again” button that streamlines the process.
  6. Locker Hubs located near a zip code near you. These lockers come in handy when you know you won’t be home to pick up your package on delivery day. I frequently use this service when know that I will be shopping at Amazon’s brick and mortar, Whole Food Market on a particular day. As a Prime Member, once I have completed my grocery shopping, I head over to the Amazon’s HUB lockers and simply scan the QR barcode given to me by the Amazon app. This allows me to open my locker and retrieve my merchandise. The downside of this feature is you are only allowed three days to retrieve your merchandise before it is returned to Amazon’s warehouse. The good news is a full refund will be issued.
  7. Reaching customer service is a breeze through the app. No so easy using the website.

Cons of Amazon Shopping App  

  1. You can no longer download books from app
  2. Must rely on reviews and pictures to make shopping decisionsimages ready_html_2b8b768580c3ee5e

What’s New to Amazon Shopping App?

Earlier this year, the team at Amazon Shopping discontinued its e-book download feature. Users are being asked to buy e-books through Kindle or the website. While the ability to download has been removed, users are still able to stream content through the app.

Install Amazon Shopping App for Android

The Amazon app is available on the Google Play Store. When you download it, you can be assured of the following:

  1. Easy to download and install

You will find that the app is easy to download and install. All you need to ensure is sufficient space on your device to install the app.

  1. Provides complete data safety

The developers of the app offer complete data safety. All information that you share will be stored safely.

How to Install the Amazon Shopping App?

The best way to install the Amazon app is to get it directly from Google Play Store. Type “Amazon” in the search bar and click Install. Once the download begins, follow the instructions to complete the download.


It might have started its humble beginnings as a book seller, but Amazon now is a force to be reckoned. Big and powerful as this giant is; it has a soft spot for its customers and spoils them rotten. Free shipping, no hassle returns, and products that arrive at your door so lightening fast that it will make your head swim. Go Amazon!

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