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Calm thinking with HeadSpace Meditation App

Stress, stress, go away, come back another day! If you are alive and breathing, you are probably no stranger to stress. Here at Applet.mobi we want to help you find effective stress relief. We scoured the net for the best apps for stress reduction. We arrived at Headspace, an app that doesn’t require you to diet, take a substance or exercise. Just breathe. Headspace believes that proper breathing is the cure-all for the emotional ups and downs of life. Let’s dive into our review.

 Summary of Headspace App

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Headspace was created in 2010 when Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson set out to understand the impact of mindfulness training (calm focus), to reduce workplace stress. With the help of clinical trials, Puddicombe proved that guided meditation (controlled breathing) could help you sleep better and improve your ability to concentrate.

The Headspace app employs guided meditation to help users manage stress, anxiety, and focus better and reduce mental clutter. Much like clearing a cluttered house, a decluttered brain creates much-needed space, allowing for better judgment, clearer thinking, and more creative problem-solving.

Features of the Headspace App

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The best feature of Headspace is that it offers guided meditation. Here are a few of the benefits of meditation:

  • Reduce stress
  • Meditating regularly reduces stress significantly.
  • Increases self-awareness
  • Guided meditation helps achieve a more focused mind
  • Better attention span
  • Those suffering from ADD or ADHD can benefit from the Headspace app.

Pros of HeadSpace App

  • Comprehensive solutions to stress reduction
  • Sleep enhancement techniques
  • Great breathing techniques provided

Cons of HeadSpace App

  • You might face some network issues at times while using the app.
  • It is a paid app. You will have to pay the subscription fees after the free trial period.

Install Headspace App for Android

You can install the Headspace app for your Android device from Google Play Store. You will not have to pay subscription fees for the trial period when you download it. Some of the factors to consider while downloading are as follows:

  1. Check the device

Although the app is easy to download and install, ensure sufficient space on your device before you begin downloading.

  1. Creating a profile

Once you have installed the app, you must create a profile to make it easier for you to access the articles and programs that interest you.

How to Install Headspace App?

The best way to install the Headspace app is to go to Google Play Store. Type “Headspace” in the search bar and click “Install”. Once the download begins, you will need to follow the instructions to complete the download.

What’s new to Headspace App?

Headspace offers complete support to its patrons. It provides a plethora of articles for a better understanding of what mindfulness is and what it can do for you. It also has specific articles to help parents understand anxiety-related issues in children.


Better sleep, improved self-awareness, and calmer dispositions: are some of the benefits of mediation. When people are more mentally-centered, they think better, make better decisions, and lead more meaningful lives. This is the aim of the Headspace app. And judging from some of their reviews on the Google Play store, they are kicking it out of the ballpark! Here is what one app user had to say:

Pele Siren- June 12, 2022

“I’ve picked up and put down this app a few times over the years and what I’ve noticed is that it helps a lot with motivation and consistency when I do use it. I can meditate without it but it is helpful to have a little nudge and encouragement to keep at it and that’s what Headspace provides. I really appreciate the overall structure it brings to my practice with its’ various courses and segments. I wish I could get everyone I know to try it out.” Google Play review 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Headspace App?
  1. Is Headspace a paid app?

Yes, will you have to pay a subscription fee for Headspace after the free trial period?

  1. Can I read all the articles in the app once I pay for it?

Yes, all the content on the app is available free of charge to all paid users.

  1. Is the goal of Headspace better sleep?

Headspace aims to help you achieve better sleep, quality of life, and mindfulness through guided meditation.

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