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Hear ye all movie lovers! No app review site is complete without a review of the Streaming Giant itself, Netflix. It is easy to get lost in the sea of streaming content providers. But if you are alive and breathing it is likely that you have heard of Netflix. The app that holds over 6000 tiles in its hot little hand. Let’s dive in and find out why Netflix is the go-to app for 222 million movie lovers across the globe.

Summary of Netflix App

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Netflix started its humble beginnings as a subscription-based DVD service. Your DVDs arrived to your home in the mail, if you can believe that. The streaming services most are familiar with was launched in 2007. Today Netflix boasts over 125 million hours of content that can be watched every day. There is something for everyone: from Drama Series to Lifestyle Shows, Reality Shows, Latest Movies, History Content, Documentaries, Design Shows, Comedies, to Kids and Family. What’s even more amazing is Netflix using AI technology to provide movie suggestions based on your previously viewed movies. Keeping you stocked with a fresh batch of new movies to stream.

Features of Netflix App

What is there not to love about the Netflix app? Netflix app allows you to categorize your Favorites. Easy as pie, click on the + sign to save movies of interest. And when you are ready, you can view all of the movies under “My List” tab.

One cool feature Netflix added is “Surprise Me.” Here the app randomly picks movies that the algorithm has selected as possible likes screened just for you! How cool is that! And judging from the picks that it has selected for me, I would say, “Right on Netflix!” I have passed many-a-hours watching “Surprise Me” features.

The best feature of this app is its user friendly appeal. Black-lit screen comes in handy for those of us with less than perfect vision!

Movies are easy to find and are nicely categorized under New Releases, Trending Now, Play Mobile Games, Limited Series, Binge-worthy, Secrets and Lies, Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S. Today, and the categories go on and on up to 3500!  If that is not enough categories for you, there is always the handy-dandy search bar! Type in the name of the movie you are looking for, or type in a genre. It matters not! Netflix has you covered! The search bar even allows you to see the current top movie and series searches in the United States!

But there is more where that came from, Netflix has even integrated a “News and Hot” option, allowing you to view trailers for upcoming movies and series.

One feature that I like in particular is the Fast Laughs. When I need a little pick me up, Netflix is there for me! Just click on the icon and you are taken into an alternate reality where laughter is your best medicine. Netflix has sifted out the funniest moments from a plethora of movies and served it up in Gif format. One continuous laugh after the next. After I have binge-watched enough post-apocalyptic doom-and-gloom flicks, Fast Laughs is my sanctuary! What is super cool about this feature, is if you like what you are seeing, there is a handy “Play” button to the right of the screen to allow you to play the entire movie. Or if you want to save the movie to watch for later, you can do that too. By the same token, if the comedy is not to your liking swipe right, and an entirely new movie clip will appear on your screen. Swipe left, and the previous movie repopulates. Yes, we are now allowed to “date our movies”.

Game buffs gather around, Netflix has something for you too! What I love about this feature is that each game is presented as a trailer so that we can get a good sense of the game before you begin the task of downloading. If there is one thing that gets under my skin is blindly downloading a game only to find that it is not to my liking.  With Netflix app I can avoid that headache! The downside to the games section is the lack of games! Sure, it is a new feature so we will give Netflix time to kick their game offering into gear. Right now at 30 games, meh, it is not a big draw for me. But give it time, Netflix only released this beauty September 8, 2022.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How much is that app in the window? Netflix has a fairly decent price point entry. You pay monthly for access to unlimited movies, games and download DVDs not included.  Prices go up according to the number of phones and tablets and televisions that will be streaming the services. These premium services come in handy for those that like to cast/mirror their mobile apps to their smart TVs. Premium services also come in handy for large households that have different people using the services at the same time.

While we are here on the subject of households, parents can rest assured that content deemed unsuitable for children can easily be blocked by entering the parental control mode. Simply go over to ” Your Account”, scroll down to to “Profile” and “Parental Controls”. Click on “Profile Lock Change” and enter your Netflix password. Check the box to require Pin access to this profile. Its as easy as that!  The only drawback is that you cannot make these changes on the app and must go to the website.

Pros of Netflix App

  • Streaming 24-7
  • High-definition television availability
  • Content available in most languages
  • Multilanguage users can watch in their preferred language
  • Original content is not available on other networks.
  • Subtitle availability
  • Netflix content can be mirrored to Smart TVs, Chromecast, PlayStation, Apple TV, Xbox, and Blu-ray players
  • Over 125 million hours of content
  • Available worldwide
  • Can be used with Mobile Devices, Laptops, TVs, Desktops
  • Netflix Premium Subscription has different options and plans designed to fit your budget
  • Simple and easy to use App & UI
  • Rich, user-friendly content

Cons of Netflix Android App

  • Netflix movie collections may not contain a movie of interest.
  • Netflix plans are costlier as compared to its competitors like Amazon Prime.
  • Netflix requires good internet speed connections.
  • Netflix does not offer live channels or sports or news streaming
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Netflix App?
    1. Is Netflix a paid app?

    No this is a completely free app to download but you have to pay for its subscription. Soon Netflix will enable ad-based subscriptions, allowing users to watch their favorite movies for lower fees.

    1. What are the charges of Netflix?

    Netflix has different plans depending on if you are a household of 1 or a household of 6, and whether you want to stream the application at the same time over many different devices.

    1. Is Netflix safe for kids?

    Netflix has a section exclusively for kids. What is better is you can set a privacy passcode to prevent “wandering eyes” from viewing non-PG-rated genres.

Install Netflix App for Android

You can install the Netflix app for your Android device from Google Play Store. It is completely free to download and install the app. Some of the factors to consider while downloading are as follows:

  1. Check the Android Version

Make sure that the version of your Android is 6.0 and up to install the Netflix App.

  1. Check your megabyte space

Although the app is easy to download and install, ensure sufficient space on your device before you begin downloading.

  1. Check network connectivity

Make sure that you are connected to the internet and have appropriate data balances to download this app.

How to Install Netflix App?

The best way to install the Netflix app is to go to Google Play Store. Type “Netflix” in the search bar and click “Install”. Once the download begins, you will need to follow the instructions to complete the download.

What’s new to Netflix App?

Netflix is constantly adding new shows, movies, and series which can be enjoyed anywhere and, on any device, whether it be a phone, tablet, laptop, or Smart TV. Check out Netflix Original Programing. Nowhere else on the web can you see block bluster releases “Stranger Things” and “Umbrella Academy” “Squid Games” and “All of Us Are Dead.”

What’s also new to the app is the ability to download portions of movies to watch later when there are not enough bars to go around. You have the option to choose between “Smart Downloads” and “Downloads for you”. While you have a connection the app will download either a selection of movies and/or series of your choosing (Download for you) or the app will automatically download the next episode of a series you are watching (Smart Downloads).


There is never a dull moment at Netflix. There is always something new to see, movie suggestions to mull over, and trailers that automatically play as you scroll. It’s always a good time on Netflix. Their “See What’s Next” slogan really does embody the fun, ever-changing attraction of the app. I give this high-quality streaming OTT (over-the-top) platform, two thumbs up.

Android App

App Version 8.43.0
Last Updated 29-Sept-2022
App Size 31MB
App by Netflix, Inc.
Category Entertainment
Rating 4.4
Supported Android Versions Android 7.0 and up
App Package
Installs 10B+ downloads

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